Top Ten Tuesday REWIND: Top Ten Favorite Places to Read

Welcome to another edition of Top Ten Tuesday!  This week is a rewind week, so we get to pick any previous top ten list and run with it! This week, I’ll be talking about my top ten favorite places to read!

I have to say at the onset though, I can read anywhere!  If there are printed words, I’m there. Just saying.

Anyway, and in no particular order…

Top Ten Favorite Places to Read

1. In Bed.  Especially in the morning on the weekend.  I love that feeling of being able to read a book start to finish and not have to worry about anything else that needs to get done or anything else that’s going on.  It’s a rare luxury these days so I definitely savor it when the opportunity arises.

2. At the Beach.  Here’s a picture of my beach:

I live about four miles away from the ocean so it’s delightful to pack my stuff and spread out in the sun.

3. On the Couch.  Under the couch is where I store all my library books so when I’m feeling spontaneous I’ll grab a book off the stack and just start reading.  Good times.

4. In the Waiting Room.  I’m a very good patient at the doctor because I always have a book with me so I don’t stress out about how long I’ve been there.

5. Car Rides.  Maybe not print books, but I LOVE listening to audiobooks while I’m driving long distances.  Makes the time fly!

6. With Kids. I love sharing stories with the students in my class!

7. Airplanes.  If you have to wait for hours for something, you might as well pass the time in a nice way.

8. On the Swing Set.  Maybe not so much anymore, but when I was little I used to love to sit at the top of my slide with a book.

9.At the Park. Lay out a blanket and stretch out with a book.

10.At the Library.  When a book is finished there are plenty more to choose from?

What are your favorite reading places?

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