Indeed! It’s been a long time but the school year is over and therefore my time is significantly more available for the next couple of months.

Seriously, it’s all coming together!  I decided not to teach summer school this year so except for a few things here and there I’m looking forward to lots of days by the beach and FINALLY getting caught up on all the books I want to read (and reread, too!)

Here are just some of the things I’m excited to finally dive into in the coming weeks:

My annual Harry Potter re-read.  Hooray!

Re-reads for other favorite series: Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, Kate Daniels, etc. Oh yeah, and finally starting and hopefully getting through a bunch of new series too!

Speed round reviews and logs of books.  I set my Goodreads challenge at 100 books for 2013 and I am incredibly behind for possibly the first time in my life.  Being a grownup is hard!

More Moers!  I decided to do it!  I’ll be doing a week of reviews of nothing but the quirky and awesome books by Walter Moers.  Schedule TBD but there is fun to be had!

Can’t wait! Happy summer everyone!

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