Snark Week Double Down- The Worst Books. The. Worst.

Aw crap, I missed a day!  Lucky for you, that means you get twice as many snarktastic, bite-sized witticisms from yours truly.  Try to contain yourself! Anyway, the topic from yesterday was a feeding frenzy of the worst books I’ve ever read.  I have to say, once I stopped reading books submitted for review, the […]

Snark Week Double Down- Just STFU.

Time for round 2- today’s topic!  Today is all about tired, saggy old tropes that need to be retired. What elements in books need to just go away.  It’s a Sharknado of bad writing, stupid ideas, lazy plotting, corner cutting, and other things that go bump in the night. Childhood abuse/sex abuse as a stand […]

Like a Great White Snark on Snark Week

So the lovely Rachel at Parajunkee knew I was coming, apparently, and baked a cake, because it’s Snark Week!  It’s time to cut loose and get snarky, with a different post each day on a different topic.  The snark usually flows pretty freely around here, because that’s how I roll, but now it’s like a […]

Sci Fi? Romance? Comics? Count Me In!

Hello friends! It’s been awhile, hasn’t it? Yes, yes it has. I wanted to share this excellent project with you, as summer approaches and fun, engaging reads are the name of the game: Yup, a comic anthology featuring stories that blend science fiction and romance.  Yum!  I backed it simply on the artwork but I’m […]

Thinking About…The Professional by Kresley Cole

I’ve been going back and forth about what I want to write about this series since I finished installment three last Monday.  I hadn’t even planned on reading this when it first came out back in December but ended up giving it a shot when a significant chunk of it was free from the author […]

Hello friends!

First of all, Happy Thanksgiving to those who partake, and to those who don’t, welcome back! It’s been awhile (again) and a lot has happened since my last apology for abandoning my blog to the internet wolves, so to speak, but the joys of the holidays means there’s actually time to sit down and do […]

Emerging from the Time Warp…

No, not that one. Anyway! I’m back! It’s been a busy summer, filled with work, studying, and travel to interesting places.  Places like Wall, South Dakota, where they have a giant statue of a jackalope.  No, really. Doing stuff and making things and generally being out and about means that I haven’t been checking in […]

Everyone Loves a Read-a-thon- Library Books Read-a-thon!

Summer vacation is off to a great start and after an extremely productive trip to the library yesterday I’m ready for the first read-a-thon of the summer! I’ll be keeping track of my books here and am hoping to really dig in this weekend.  I’ll be going out of town on the 26th and have […]

Speedy Reviews: Time to Get Caught Up

The biggest downside of long breaks in between blog posts, other than the implication that there are lots and lots of other things going on that require my attention, is that when the dust finally settles, there are lots of reviews waiting to be written.  A lot of time has elapsed since I read the […]


Indeed! It’s been a long time but the school year is over and therefore my time is significantly more available for the next couple of months. Seriously, it’s all coming together!  I decided not to teach summer school this year so except for a few things here and there I’m looking forward to lots of […]