Like a Great White Snark on Snark Week

So the lovely Rachel at Parajunkee knew I was coming, apparently, and baked a cake, because it’s Snark Week!  It’s time to cut loose and get snarky, with a different post each day on a different topic.  The snark usually flows pretty freely around here, because that’s how I roll, but now it’s like a convention! Hooray!

With that said, it’s time for the gloves to come off.

 Things That Piss Me Off
1. Rafflecopter Rabies. I’m not talking about the actual software or site, or whatever, I’m talking about the fact that it’s EVERYWHERE.  I don’t want to follow your facebook/tweet your twats/instagram your lunch/comment/like you/send you a birthday gift/whatever.  I don’t care how awesome your prize is.  I don’t care how many easy entries you have.  The mere presence of eight hundred ways to enter your giveaway has made me not want to do any of them.  Sorry not sorry.
2. You lack a sense of humor and it shows in your writing.  Yes, you.  You don’t have to share my sense of humor (although it’s nice if you do) but if you don’t have one, I can’t relate to you. Don’t give me that business about wanting to write a book or wanting to break into publishing or wanting a pony.  There are plenty of ways to be creative and be an individual without being generic.  I hardly think being dull as a beige room is going to help your creative career.

3.  You have continued sending me review requests even though the review policy says I’m not accepting them. Double demerits if you sent me the email but addressed it to someone else.

4. Why does everything have to have a password now? I think I just became old.

5. That moment when you realize that all your blogging gripes that immediately come to mind are things that happened in 2013.  

So what about you? What really grinds your gears?

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